Ranch & Farm Fencing:


From simple but important barbed wire fencing to corrals, arenas and entry structures we can design and install any of your ranch or farm fencing needs.

Three ingredients usually play a role in helping a customer make the decision on what fence to build.  Function, Form and Budget.

Function: What is the purpose of the fence? To keep livestock in  certain areas, keep livestock out of an area like crop lands or keep intruders (animals or human) out of an area for protection of your property.  Fences also can define a boundary line.

Form: This is the appearance of the fence.  While the barbed wire fence out in the desert has a primary purpose of a function with no real appearnce factor, the fencing along a road frontage or around the residence and down the driveway has a dual purpose of appearance and function.

Finances: Having fences constructed is a significant investment.  Most people have a budget also.  So we work with the customer so they are able to meet their goals.

Ranch and farm fencing, feed lots and livestock handling facilities for cattle, horses, sheep and game animals are all fences we build on a regular basis.  Les Carberry, our fencing manager has been around livestock for decades, we’re able to design and build facilities that factor in the health and safety of the animal and animal handler.  We also construct fences for Managed Intensive Grazing (MIG) systems.

Perhaps you need an corral, regulation size competition roping facility,or rodeo pracice arena.  We can construct this out of many types of fencing depending on your preference in style and your budget.

Driveway entrances enhance the appearance and curb appeal of a property.  These could be steel or wood structures with arched gateways and fences that line the driveway.  Landscaping features can be included like trees, shrubbery, flower beds and decorative rock.  Take a look at our brochure.  Fence Brochure

Wood & Steel Fences for All Customers

The three themes above come into play in decorative wood and steel fences.  From a simple round post and rail system to complicated doweled fences with lots of detail,  we have created lots of different fences in wood.  The same goes for steel pipe.  Your imagination can be your guide.  Wood or steel, the choice is yours!

Browse through our fence gallery to see some of our work and enjoy our first KMVT TV fence comercial.


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