High Tension Fixed Knot Fencing

The term fixed knot refers to the type of wire tying system to join horizontal and vertical wires in what is commonly known as woven wire.  Of the companies that we know of in the US and abroad, they all use high tensile wire.  They also employ the solid wire vertical stay which is different from ‘field fence’ which has a hinged joint at each horizontal junction.  So there are four characteristics that set Fixed Knot HT fence apart from traditional low carbon steel field fence.

1. The fixed knot is very difficult to move, slide or come apart.  This binds horizontal and vertical wires more securely than any knotting system We’ve seen.

2.  The wire itself is high tensile steel which has a breaking point far above any low carbon steel wire used in field fence or barbed wire. The strength of the wire allows us to stretch the fabric ‘fiddle string tight’ which is a major ingredient to its structural integrity.

3.  The solid vertical stay wire is not always unique to woven wire, it still adds a high degree of stability which helps the fabric to stand up straight especially under snow loads.

4.  The triple zinc coating on all the wire lends itself to longevity by having much better protection against oxidation (rust).  All in all, this style fence has a very high degree of durability unmatched in the industry.





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