Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices such as double check valves, vacuum breakers and reduced pressure backflow devices are commonly used in our area to protect both domestic wells and municipal water systems from back syphon and back flow cross contamination.

These devices protect cross contamination from syphoning from ponds or swimming pools filled by a hose or lawn contaminants such as fecal matter from the lawn back flowing from a loss of pressure in the pressure tank on a domestic well, or loss of pressure on a municipal system.

These devices by state and federal law are required to be tested annually. See attached information. We can perform this test as part of your overall maintenance program.  Backflow Idaho State Law

All Seasons Landscaping, Inc. is proud to have on our staff two nationally Certified Backflow Testers. Chris Wilhelm and  Jimmy Mestas are certified and licensed in the state of Idaho.

The form you and the appropriate government agency will receive after completing the test of your backflow device is attached for your review.  All Seasons Backflow Form

If your device does not pass we will be happy to repair or replace it as required.

Attached below are some appropriate videos on backflow and testing of your device.

If your irrigation is connected to only pressurized irrigation or you pump directly from an irrigation canal into your irrigation system you are exempt from this requirement.


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