Corrals and Arenas

We have built all different types of pens, arenas and corrals. Small holding pens with gates can be installed in fixed knot, woven wire or pipe rail fencing.  Posts can be wood or steel.  The choice is up to you.

These types of facilities are typically built now with steel pipe, sucker rod and cable for strength, durability and longevity.  The primary concern is human and animal safety.  We construct these facilities with a good understanding of animal behavior.  Knowing the way animals usually behave, facility design works ‘with’ the animal’s way of thinking (flight or fight response) to get the best cooperation with the least amount of stress.  Facility design also takes into account the occasional episode of a stressed out animal where height and strength are needed especially to keep people safe.  Having staff that have been involved with  livestock production, We have firsthand knowledge of what makes a facility work best for people and animals.  We also utilize the design concepts of world renowned livestock handling specialist that have been published.  Some facilities can be constructed so the top rail carries water for irrigation.



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